For Peace


SELECTED LIST OF SCREENINGS 11 September 2010 // 12pm // Strule Arts Centre Cinema, Omagh, Northern  Ireland // Sneak Preview 24 September 2010 // 7 – 10pm // The Glasshouse, Ground floor, Culture Night Sligo, Ireland // Sneak Preview 22 October 2010 // 5:30pm // Gaiety Cinema Sligo Live Festival, Sligo, Ireland // Irish Premiere […]

Press for the film “…for peace comes dropping slow…”

Press Releases Foyle Press Release (Word Doc) Synopsis Log Line (Word Doc)Short Synopsis (Word Doc) Trailer Photos for Download Download Carrane Hill Light Writers image (JPG, 1692 x 954, 1.2MB). Download Lightwriters at Parke’s Castle (JPG, 1692 x 949, 1.3MB). Download Letter R at Culleenamore Strand (JPG, 1697 x 947, 1.5MB). Download Peace at Carrane […]

Biographies for the production team for “…for peace comes dropping slow…”

Lisa Vandegrift DavalaBios Sep 01, 2010 · 5 Comments » | Edit LISA VANDEGRIFT DAVALA   DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, STORY, FILM SCORE LISA VANDEGRIFT DAVALA began her career as a mural painter, architectural restorer and sign writer,and has been a life-long musician. She was given the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Architecture and Design by Irish […]

About the film “…for peace comes dropping slow…”

We broke new ground technically with this film. “…For Peace…”is the first film in which light writing was captured in a moving film lens rather than solely by a still camera or “painted on” in post production. None of the gorgeous moving effects were added later, and almost all were captured via the RED Cine […]


At Lough Gill, Parke’s Castle and Innisfree

The sun begins to set at Parke’s Castle, Lough Gill (in which stands the Island of Innisfree). As we approach the castle aerially, participants, including members of Sligo Peace and Reconciliation, the Yeatsian Legacy and the Peace III Programme of Northern Ireland, begin to appear against a stunning shot of Parke’s Castle as our canvas. […]

At Culleenamore Strand

At Culleenamore Strand at the foot of Knocknarea, ‘comes dropping’ is written in a variety of over-layered sand, water and light writing, during the high sun of the afternoon. Children interact with the water, sand and light, in bright and reflecting sun, and against a backdrop of contrasting dark seaweed with human shadows as the […]

Production Stills

Production Stills Cian de Buitléar on the ladder pod at Culleenamore Strand Seamie O’Dowd (right) & Justin Knecht laying down the soundrack Director Lisa Vandegrift Davala composes a shot Darren Carr and Lisa Vandegrift Davala at Parke’s Director’s test at the seaweed beds on Culleenamore Strand Tony Kearns editing Scoring the film Post production Director […]

The Lightwriters

THE CAST: Laura Brennan has acted from a young age and has trained in acting and directing. She appeared in the Irish Television (TG4) documentary ‘An Diabhal ag an Damhsa’, 2009. Sinead Hawkins has been involved in drama from the age of five and was part of numerous performances with the Wexford Pantomime Society. She […]

At Carrane Hill Bog

At Carrane Hill Bog Natural Heritage site, light writing against a dark landscape begins the film.  With the dawn approaching, light writers chase each other, playfully making their way to the hilltop, and experimenting with the first two words. As the morning brightens, they arrive at the crest of the hill and perform a beautifully […]

“…for peace comes dropping slow…”

At the 17th Century Parkes Castle, Lough Gill, and The Lake Isle of Innisfree In 1888 the young William Butler Yeats wrote ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’, a yearning incantation of his youth spent in County Sligo near the Atlantic coast in the northwest of Ireland and perhaps his best known work. Artist and Director […]

Seamie O’Dowd

Seamie O’Dowd: Vocal and fiddle composition and performanceSeamie is steeped in the musical traditions of South County Sligo, Ireland. His mother Shiela is a highly respected musician and teacher, and his father Joe, was renowned as a fiddle player among musicians and music lovers worldwide. Immersing himself in the extremely vibrant local rock and alternative […]

Cian de Buitléar

Cian de Buitléar, Director of Photography Twenty years experience as director of photography (D.O.P)Started film making with his father Eamon making natural history films for BBC, National Geographic, RTE, TG4.Worked on series such as “Wildlife on One” and “The Natural World” with  David Attenborough. In recent years have worked mainly on feature films, commercials […]

Lisa Vandegrift Davala

LISA VANDEGRIFT DAVALA   DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, STORY, FILM SCORE LISA VANDEGRIFT DAVALA began her career as a mural painter, architectural restorer and sign writer,and has been a life-long musician. She was given the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Architecture and Design by Irish President Patrick Hillery. As a visual artist, she exhibited in galleries and […]

Festivals, Screenings and Awards

Festivals, Screenings and Awards Nominated Best Irish Short, Foyle Intl. Film Festival, (Oscar® affiliated) Belfast, N.Ireland, 2010 Nominated Best Short & winner Festival Genius Audience Buzz, New Hope, Film Fest. US 2011 Hon. Mention, Best Experimental Film, Corona Fastnet Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 2011 Nomination for TV3 Broadcast, Signal Shortlist Shortfest, Dublin, Ireland, 2012 Hon. […]

Artists’ Books

Artists' Books

Just published: A Manifesto for the Book, Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden, with an edited selection of interviews, essays, abtree diagrams and case studies from the project What will be the canon for the artist’s book in the 21st Century? Published by Impact Press at The Centre for Fine Print Research,University of the West of England, Bristol, […]



Last year 800 to 1000 people collaborated with the SLIGLOW team of artists for Sligo’s Culture Night , making SLIGLOW the Sunday Independant’s pick for Culture Night 2009! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you that you enjoyed that evening – so this year (2010) we’ve got a brand new challenge:  a […]

Looking at Velazquez

Looking at Velazquez

There are artists that command life-long love and respect, Velazquez has mine. Economy of stroke evolved to a dazzling depth of expression in his hands. Each mark encompassed form, function, expression, narrative, psychology, time, and place. No replication, no waste, no sentimentality. Everything we know now about fractals and holograms can be seen in the […]



The over-all picture of your property has been professionally staged. It is important to achieve what estate agents refer to as “crispness”. Houses with greater crispness sell faster and more easily. Buyers want a “move in” quality. That means that all “dings”, cracks, scuffs, breakages, signs of wear, holes, mismatched hardware, dented or chipped kitchen […]

Gardens: The Outdoor Room

Gardens: The Outdoor Room

“How to create beautiful forms (is the question) in Europe and in the West. We are not designing forms but designing the atmosphere. How to create the atmosphere, that is what we put most effort in, designing this atmosphere. I truly believe that a person looking at a peaceful garden everyday, will become a peaceful […]

Before And After

Before And After

Before and after Bathrooms are often fashion’s greatest victims. The bathroom project shown here was a great success. I was told later by the Estate Agent that this feature sold the house. The total cost for complete replacement of delph, adding wainscoting, laminated floor boards, medicine cabinet, new blind, new colour scheme and painting, floor […]

House Staging

House Staging

It is often quoted in this business that: “How we live in our homes is very different from how we sell our homes”. When you decide to put the most valuable asset you own on the market, the time has come to begin to let go of the personal “place” and begin the “stage show”, […]

It All Started…

It All Started...

Fresh out of art college I founded a building restoration company in County Clare specialising in restoring, decorating, designing, sign writing, gilding and colour consultancy. It was a one-stop-shop for all aspects of business design – interior and exterior. We tackled sick building syndrome, traffic flow and post construction “corrections” using visual tools. During the […]



Some of the more recent commercial spaces I have designed or re-designed have included these 3 design and art studios. The first is a hand-painted chromatic mural that wraps all the way around the Design Services Studios at the corporate headquarters for Crayola, the crayon manufacturers, in the U.S. The second and third is the […]