Paint passion

Gamblin paint

I love this paint. Robert and Martha Gamblin make a great artist’s oil. A painter himself, he began Gamblin Oils to make the kind of paint he wanted to use. No caustic materials, no waste, no sales department, now used in every art school in the US and the first newly made conservation paint. I’ve used it since their inception in the late ’80s. The hand painted colour chart clearly showing the mineral colours on one side and the organic (“modern”) on the other, is a revelation. Bravo!

The original hand-painted Gamblin colour chartThe stashAs my colour work developed, I found that I wanted less earth or mineral colour, and a more clean, transparent modern pigment. Robert’s work in providing artists with information is as stellar as his work in developing the paints. Have a look at his colour tech support.

(Because it was prohibited to ship paints abroad with household effects) I hid these tins in socks, boots and pots. Moving back to Ireland without Gamblin was not an option!