चक्रं The Chakras


The energetic and philosophical concept of the chakra (wheel or disc) belongs to a variety of cultures: such as Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Malay, and has even been acknowledged in the West. As we have polluted, stressed, and drugged our bodies, now may be a good time to realise that we are more than physical beings. Located at 7 (or 8, in some systems) centres of the body, here are just a few of the attributes of each:

Chakra: Age of resonance, Colour, Musical note, Element

  1. Root: conception to 7 years, red, C, earth
  2. Sacral: 7-14 years, orange, D, water
  3. Solar plexus: 14-21 years, yellow, E, fire
  4. Heart: 21-35 years, green/pink/gold, F, air
  5. Throat: 28-35 years, turquoise, G, the ethers
  6. Brow: 35-42 years, indigo, A, the cosmos
  7. Crown: 2-49 years, violet, B, the cosmos

These energy centres are associated with health and organ functions, spiritual and philosophical awareness, a veritable energy filtration system which also corresponds with psychological development, life cycles, seasons, foods, and colours spanning the complete spectrum.

With much of this in mind, I recently built a model for a public art commission proposal at a hospital, requiring an approach sensitive to health, mental well-being and balance. The clear cast acrylic coloured rods of this sculpture will glow in daylight, reflecting onto the surrounding 4 walls of glass, moving across a spectrum of colour, revealing at its base, a flower. At night from an underground brilliant white LED array, each rod will light individually, forming a gently shifting and swaying field of vibrantly coloured, glowing rods. The model above represents a work which would stand about 1 meter high and 8 meters long, and reside in a sealed glass enclosed courtyard. If Paradise is defined as an enclosed space looking to heaven, I am praying for this bit of it.