Hope and Pandora’s Box

posted 17.09.2010

Photo: SLIGLOW Darren Carr

I had ample time to sample during this year – nature dictated, and I had no choice but to listen. It was time to investigate new avenues of medicine and art.

Just as we finished SLIGLOW, the beautiful collaborative light installation with 800-1000 people in the northwest of Ireland, the long-delayed dental work needed attention now – but how? Shunned by dentists due to my allergy to antibiotics, I imagined that there had to be an approach based on energy principals that could handle complex surgeries, and the associated bacterial and medical Pandora’s box that would follow. Google-ing non-antibiotic dentistry introduced me to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD’s protocol which, I was delighted to find, is practiced here in Ireland.Many people have heard the joke about people picking up radio frequencies on their dental work: but – if you have metals in your mouth, you will, over time, begin to develop a measurable electrical charge. As crowns or metal amalgam-filled teeth age, and depending on the degree of degeneration of the tooth material – the moist environment – the resulting bacteria – the rising metal toxicities – all start doing a dance: the result of which is that each of these “charged” teeth can be measured, and before treatment or extraction commences, they must be measured to establish the charge that they now have. Only then, they are removed in an order based on these measurements. A measurement in single digits would be considered too high, (my teeth were each in the hundreds – and this is not unusual). Additionally there was staph infection. How had I been feeling up to this? Lousy. And as antibiotics were not an option – I now had a chance to practice what I preach. Cold green laser light and far infrared became my side-effect-free “antibiotics”, along with a powerfully concentrated freeze-dried garlic.

Electromagnetic frequency, the presence of heavy metals in our bodies and the relationship to the infections which are drawn to these metals, form a vicious circle. We now live in environments of ever increasing EMF, not alone from our appliances and computers, but also from the increasing amount of Wi-Fi, mobile phone usage and towers. For those who have met their limit with this kind of exposure – it is not unusual to find the other two culprits present: namely heavy metal toxicity and it’s resulting landscape of infections. We, it seems, are the “canaries in this mine shaft.”

Top: Blood before talking on cell phone Bottom: Blood after 1 min. on cell phone

Leading up to this treatment I had experienced increased sensitivity to my laptop – the feeling of being fried from the inside out – ditto from my mobile phone and any form of T.V. transmission. For several months after, I was not able to be near my laptop (thus no blog posts) or any EMF emitting devices, as all the long stored-away metals and infections poured out. I was prescribed the use of diodes and diode pads (to use with computers and mobiles and to sit and lie on), and I still use these. There are a number of companies who specialise in these products, including this one founded by a scientist and serving airline pilots (whose cockpit exposure to electro-magnetic radiation is immense), computer users, schools, research laboratories and the general public.

Much has been debated about mercury amalgams and in many places in the world they are banned. Mercury use in any medical or pharmaceutical application is incomprehensible to me. That the youngest among us are injected with inoculations containing mercury seems positively medieval. Sadly, breast milk is now being recognized as a major way in which this toxicity is passed from one generation to the next. The true picture of our public health can’t be assessed or corrected without seeing this triangle of metal/EMF/and associated infections. If in the last century NO one had ingested mercury via dentistry or inoculations, I wonder: would we have the same levels of Alzheimer’s dementias, and Parkinson’s without the now frequent exposure to these toxins?

Those scientists who chart this phenomenon, refer to EMF as the greatest pollution of our time – and it will quickly become apparent on everyone’s “radar screens” in the coming years. Some examples of those impacted by this syndrome, that I have become aware of are: “executive stress”, film editors , airline pilots, and lab workers burn-out; and now our kids, cleaved to their mobile phones, computers and TV’s and sitting in schools with Wi-Fi, are experiencing this. It effects heart function, can be a major cause of depression and is linked to several cancers…..hmmm.

After my initial dental work, some of the real culprits to 3 decades of struggling health were revealed: not only was there mercury on board, but I had high levels of lead, nickle, and manganese from work related exposure. These are all neuro-toxins, and a long-time association with them can cause the kind of repeated health issues I had experienced from the early 1980’s onwards as well as other degenerative conditions. Chelation therapy (to bind to and remove heavy metal) in addition to the Klinghardt protocol, was necessary – and a year later, I am still chelating – its a long process. I am watching the return of neurological functioning – I can play the flute again, creativity is back, over all health is improving and I have just finished making a film (more on that in the next post) and am preparing for SLIGLOW² next week. So this is the anniversary – its been an enlightening year – it gets better from here!