Om and etc.

Posted: 29.10.2008

Many cultures exhibit artifacts or practices using resonance or conscious frequency creation, which emanate from human intonation (like the sounding of the Aum or Om, or even looking at the written Om, like the Patel Om, at left) or the sounding of a bell, or like object, in order to consciously align with that frequency (the Angelus for example

If you have never seen a Tibetan singing bowl, this look at one of the largest collection of antique bowls on the market is a treat to browse and listen to. The warm, multiphonic tones have been used for centuries to aid meditation, yoga, sound healing, religious ceremonies and trance . The bowl pictured above, is our treasure. Sounding it is as miraculous now as the first time we heard it at Garland of Letters, in Philadelphia. Frequency, to heal both mind and body – not a new idea. Are you sitting comfortably?