Science and Non-duality

posted 14.09.2009

Dr. Stuart Hameroff Photo credit: Google images

I’ve been a fan of Stuart Hameroff’s work at the University of Arizona (his comment about quantum science looking a lot like Zen, got my attention). An MD, he began his quantum scientific explorations through the field of anesthesia. His website is always packed with brilliant and insightful writings. He’ll be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Science and Nonduality Conference in October.

The organisers description of the conference is an exciting signal that a “quantum” relationship between these disciplines, artifacts and sciences, is now being acknowledged:

…the discoveries in quantum physics, brain sciences, consciousness studies, biology, cosmology, psychology and other fields have revealed nonduality in science as well, suggesting mysticism and science share a common source. Applying nondual perspectives in science, and scientific perspectives in Eastern spiritual approaches are the twin goals of this, the first public conference on the Science of Nonduality. Join us for three days seeking fundamental oneness in quantum physics, philosophy, consciousness studies, cosmology, art, Buddhism, psychology and spiritual metaphysics.