The Tao of Seeking Office

Posted: 04.11.2008

Looking at the Patel Om got me thinking about other examples of meditative, frequency altering calligraphy. The example (left) might have been commissioned for this Presidential election day, as it is the talisman for seeking office, combining peace with good fortune (from the Tao-tsang 668-3:29b). Of all the Chinese art forms, Taoist magic diagrams, talismans and charms are the least known. Often drawn in dirt, burned on small pieces of paper or hidden in secrecy, no wonder they became a relatively obscure and unknown art form. The practical, purposeful intention in the way these images were made and used (as prayers, protections and charms, to cure sickness, ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth, good health, abundant crops, a safe home), connected the core of Chinese mysticism with the powers and forces of daily life.

Laszlo Legeza, in Tao Magic, The Secret Language of Diagrams and Calligraphy states:

The final goal of the Taoist mystic is to penetrate beyond ordinary ‘reality’ to reach an awareness of the ultimate tranquility, that which is beyond time and change, the Great Ultimate, the Whole, the ‘mystery beyond mysteries’, called by the Chinese the Tao.

Here again is a stunningly rich example of practices and artifacts which parallel contemporary quantum scientific theories.

Picture credit: Tao Magic, The Secret Language of Diagrams and Calligraphy, Laszlo Legeza.
Thames and Hudson Ltd., 1975