Before And After

Before and after

Bathrooms are often fashion’s greatest victims. The bathroom project shown here was a great success. I was told later by the Estate Agent that this feature sold the house. The total cost for complete replacement of delph, adding wainscoting, laminated floor boards, medicine cabinet, new blind, new colour scheme and painting, floor mat, towels, and oh yeah – that colour-matched bar of soap and the crystal light pull, was under $3,000 U.S. including fees and labour. The Agent felt that it added $20,000 to the home’s sale result. This house was valued and listed at $389,000 in May of 2006. It sold in less than 24 hours on the market, after being shown to a record 21 viewers, for $407,500. This price was almost twice the $217,000 the property was bought for in 2001. The property was identical in structure and setting to all the houses on that street, and yet performed up to $55,000 better than other houses sold at the same time on the same street.