Press for the film “…for peace comes dropping slow…”

Parkes Castle, Lake Isle of Innisfree
Lightwriters inscribe the landscape with W.B Yeats’ poetry

Press Releases

Foyle Press Release (Word Doc)


Log Line (Word Doc)
Short Synopsis (Word Doc)


Photos for Download

Download Carrane Hill Light Writers image (JPG, 1692 x 954, 1.2MB).

Download Lightwriters at Parke’s Castle (JPG, 1692 x 949, 1.3MB).

Download Letter R at Culleenamore Strand (JPG, 1697 x 947, 1.5MB).

Download Peace at Carrane Hill (JPG, 2174 x 1222, 1.5MB).

Download ‘For’ at Carrane Hill (JPG, 3030 x 2020, 3.2MB).

Download Director at Parke’s Castle (JPG, 4288 x 2848, 3.1MB)

Download Movie Poster (PNG, 2384 x 1683, 3.7MB)