For Peace



Some of the more recent commercial spaces I have designed or re-designed have included these 3 design and art studios. The first is a hand-painted chromatic mural that wraps all the way around the Design Services Studios at the corporate headquarters for Crayola, the crayon manufacturers, in the U.S. The second and third is the […]

Turning The Light On

06.10.2008 PodCamp Ireland, in beautiful Kilkenny was the final catalyst to nudge me off my technological backside to begin the blog that has been taking up storage space in my head for too long. Thanks to presenter Cathy Fitzgerald from Art Links for demonstrating how well social networking tools respond to the challenges of the […]

“The Essence of Sho”

09.10.2008 Off to the Peppercanister Gallery in Dublin last night to see the new show of one of my favourite painters. Bert Irvin was there, gently exuding the joy so evident in his work. At 85, he described himself, and the pleasure of painting, as “unextinguishable.” I’m pretty sure that ancient Oriental calligraphy masters would […]

Plato’s Beautiful Words

14.10.2008 If the residue of great music, played over the centuries on a magnificent Stradivarius can be revealed in the very molecular structure of that instrument – what then are the effects of everything that resonates in the lives of all human “instruments”? We imprint each other with our words, actions and intentions. The Charmides […]

Quantum Mechanics with Prof. Matisse

Quantum Mechanics with Prof. Matisse

12.10.2008 Any of you who know me know that I babble on a lot about artists being the first quantum practitioners. In Matisse’s famous interview Testimonial, from 1951, he speaks about the Vence Chapel commission, which he had just completed. Matisse would not be the first non-practitioner of an organized religion to accept such a […]

“Spirit Stands Still For The Photographer it Has Chosen”

20.10.2008 The photographer Minor White said that. And I think of those words each time I see this photograph taken at Knowth, in Ireland, by Justin Knecht. Newgrange, Knowth and the other structures, tombs and archaeological sites in the Boyne Valley date from as far back as 5300 years ago. We modern folk have a […]

What am I talking about?

Posted: 24.10.2008 Eduardo Chillida, Wind Combs, 1972-77. Photo: Justin Knecht. My former art school classmate Joe Barbaccia wrote to ask: what do I mean when I “refer to artists as quantum practitioners?” At best, it will take many of these posts to address that question, but then that’s why I began blogging. Here’s a start: […]

Om and etc.

Posted: 29.10.2008 Many cultures exhibit artifacts or practices using resonance or conscious frequency creation, which emanate from human intonation (like the sounding of the Aum or Om, or even looking at the written Om, like the Patel Om, at left) or the sounding of a bell, or like object, in order to consciously align with […]

The Tao of Seeking Office

Posted: 04.11.2008 Looking at the Patel Om got me thinking about other examples of meditative, frequency altering calligraphy. The example (left) might have been commissioned for this Presidential election day, as it is the talisman for seeking office, combining peace with good fortune (from the Tao-tsang 668-3:29b). Of all the Chinese art forms, Taoist magic […]

“He that hath an ear, let him hear”

Posted 11.11.2008 The controversial “Mozart Effect”, was first coined by the French physician Alfred Tomatis, M.D., who began researching the effects of Mozart’s music on health, education and emotional well-being, over forty years ago. Tomatis is also well know for helping a little known French actor overcome a wisper soft voice and profound stammer. Gérard […]

Light Gatherer

Posted: 25.11.2008 Rudolph Staffel, Light Gatherer, 1980, translucent porcelain, 7 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 5″. Photo: This beautiful pot was made by a subtle, profound, quiet, but very large presence in the world of art, Rudi Staffel. Rudi was on the ceramics faculty of Tyler School of Art for 38 years, and he […]

“Can Reindeer Fly”

19.12.2008 I would be remiss if I didn’t extend my quantum investigations to include some of this season’s festivities. Roger Highfield, author of the above mentioned Can Reindeer Fly? (or The Physics of Christmas, in the U.S.), assures us that there is really no aspect of the celebration which can not be adequately explained by […]

Inside Outside

Posted: 14.01.2009 After decades of anticipation, I finally had the opportunity to visit Fallingwater, the private house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, located in southwest Pennsylvania. I was a great deal more impressed with the experience than I expected. No photos can do justice to the sensation of being in this house which unites the […]

चक्रं The Chakras

22.02.2009 The energetic and philosophical concept of the chakra (wheel or disc) belongs to a variety of cultures: such as Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Malay, and has even been acknowledged in the West. As we have polluted, stressed, and drugged our bodies, now may be a good time to realise that we are more than physical […]


posted 08.03.2009 Living in Ireland, I am very aware of the relationship between people and nature. The weather, the lunar cycle and the light and landscape are never out of consciousness. Each year at this time I also began to think of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Not alone because I love the man and his […]

Edges, Fractals and Doorways

Posted 27.03.2009 The first doorway I have to acknowledge tonight is the one enabled by the brand new satellite dish outside my window, which, after a three year wait for this piece of technology (and the broadband company that was finally able to provide it) enables me to blog in relative technological comfort. Apologies for […]

This, That and The Other

posted: 06.07.2009 That “theory of everything” is looking very plausible. I thank Lea Walters for sending me the link to this exciting article, The Spooky World of Quantum Biology by Michael Garfield published in June by h+ magazine. Well worth the read. An excellent companion to this piece is the short an very inspiring TED […]

Guadi’s String Theory

posted: 07.07.2009 Photo credit, Gaudi Catenary arch model The Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi was equally admired and ridiculed for his, some might say, obsessive and eccentric practices. Ultimately his unique vision, nourished by a generous patron, won the hearts of the citizens of Barcelona – and beyond. Can he possibly have been tuned into […]

The Anniversary of Colouring Outside The Lines

posted 22.05.2009 Painting with my son, 2002, Gabriel Knecht (7 yrs.) and L. Vandegrift Davala Harry Chapin recorded “Flowers are Red” on August 19, 1980. Eleven months later, he was dead. His heart wrenching and poignant song beautifully captures our individual and collective struggle about our creative needs and worth, and the way we pass […]

Science and Non-duality

posted 14.09.2009 Dr. Stuart Hameroff Photo credit: Google images I’ve been a fan of Stuart Hameroff’s work at the University of Arizona (his comment about quantum science looking a lot like Zen, got my attention). An MD, he began his quantum scientific explorations through the field of anesthesia. His website is always packed with brilliant […]

Hope and Pandora’s Box

Hope and Pandora's Box

posted 17.09.2010 Photo: SLIGLOW Darren Carr I had ample time to sample during this year – nature dictated, and I had no choice but to listen. It was time to investigate new avenues of medicine and art. Just as we finished SLIGLOW, the beautiful collaborative light installation with 800-1000 people in the northwest of Ireland, […]

“…for peace comes dropping slow…”

Lightwriters at Carrane Hill, Sligo, Ireland. Photo credit: Darren Carr Word-images have become a contemporary mainstream art form. Serious street graffiti is said to have had its birth in my own home town of Philadelphia in the 1960’s and 70’s. I’ve lived in Ireland for more than 20 years. During most of this time I’ve […]

Baccanale Series 1979-1984

Baccanale Series 1979-1984

In 1979, I moved to Loughview House, Co. Clare, Ireland. After a long period of post-art-student frustration, and while working as a sign writer and gilder, I had a sudden, and very welcomed breakthrough with the Baccanale series. Each work is nearly a square meter in size, and is comprised of qouache, gold leaf, charcoal, […]

Charmides Bookroom

Charmides Bookroom

I first heard about quantum science in the 1980’s ( Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point). The real impact came from a collaboration with curator Dr. Pat Donlon at the Chester Beatty Gallery and Library in Dublin in 1988. Touching, sorting through, and spending time with talismans, prayer books, satchel books, amulets – all confirmed that […]